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Written by Serhat on 2010-12-05(34 comments)

tracy2016 writes:
Strong, confident, and just a little irreverent, Donatella Versace's Fall '17 lineup is for the power woman. Indeed, it christian louboutin was a cast of power women who walked for the legendary designer — big names like Behati Prinsloo (making her first postbaby runway debut), Kendall Jenner, and, of course, Gigi Hadid. Swathed in shearling-lined parkas, then sequins, cutouts, and even suiting, the collection hinted at one thing we can all agree on: woman can wear — and have — it all.
From glossy, radiant skin to dramatic colorblock eyes, christian louboutin outlet Milan Fashion Week's runways are already showcasing the hottest beauty trends of the season. You're bound to find an elevated look that suits your sense of style. Keep reading for endless inspiration for your Fall routine.
If Miuccia Prada's marabou-trimmed pajamas seemed to invite fantasy last season, Fall '17 is all practicality. Well, practical on Prada's terms. Miuccia reimagines the everyday wardrobe with quirky details that become coveted red sole shoes christian louboutin season after season. We haven't wanted puka shells this badly since the sixth grade, but that's Miuccia's magic. Whimsical looks downright sophisticated, a meeting of the minds between the clothes you may have plucked from Grandma's closet — corduroy suiting and sweet knitwear — and the streetwear shown off all over Fashion Week.Through all of it, there's a story of womanhood, a common thread that fixes the present to red bottom shoes christian louboutin the past. For anyone who underestimates fashion's ability to do that, it's right here. In fact, the message was posted to the walls of the set: "Fashion is about the everyday and the everyday is the political stage of our freedom. We have decided to look at the role women have had in the shaping of modern society." And, indeed, Prada pays homage to feminism. There's strength in the red bottoms shoes on sale clothes: boots that ground the vintage-feeling coats and fringed dresses, a lineup of wearable, durable outerwear, and more literal nods, too — portraits of women sewn into the fabric. The symbolism isn't lost on us; Miuccia just artfully packages her delivery.If this is an ode to women, we consider seasonless, functional fashion a part of that. Honoring her lifestyle is presenting her with options that reflect her reality: coats louboutin sale and boots to bundle up in, finished in shearling and leather. We have to believe that including both riding boots and jeweled sandals is a wink at climate change, if not to the fact that women want year-round wardrobes. Because for every fantasy-inducing furry slide the fashion girl is after, Prada's customer is a brainy, busy woman; and smart and stylish aren't mutually exclusive here.
Our takeaway from the christian louboutin shoes Moschino Fall 2017 show? One person's junk is another person's treasure. Jeremy Scott transformed ordinary items — bubble wrap, UPS boxes, magazine cutouts, trash lids — into wearable runway looks. The first set of models wore beige dresses, tops, and shirts inspired by the packages we use christian louboutin sale (and toss out) every day. Words like "fragile" and "caution" were splashed across the clothes, while small boxes doubled as hat fascinators to drive home the point."Yes, we totally see where this is going," we thought as Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid walked out in similar looks. The designer had appeared to use the post office as inspiration. But folks, that wasn't all.Jeremy still had plenty of magical creations up his sleeves, including dry-cleaning bags turned into dresses, duct-taped gowns, and hip-hop-influenced outfits. Models went from having '60s-inspired haircuts to wearing oversize gold medallions and colorful snapbacks. More nontraditional red bottoms shoes items were turned into hats, and a dress covered in literal garbage was sent down the runway. The designer could have chosen to stop there, but this is Moschino we're talking about.As a quick juxtaposition to all the "trashy" outfits, the designer created a set of eveningwear that spoke to glamour and opulence. Suits and long-sleeved appliqué gowns appeared on the runway, reminding us there are two ends of louboutin shoes the spectrum to what is beautiful. And every person has their own version of what's cool. If anyone was left still confused about Jeremy's message, however, postshow the designer stepped out in a shirt that read, "Couture is an attitude." There you have it.
If for you, Fendi is best represented by its signature logo, two sternly interlocking "F"s, you'll be quite pleased with the brand's Fall collection. The red bottom shoes for women symbol was all over the place (starting with the runway), but also positioned at the center of hoop earrings and tilted on the flaps of structured satchels. Perhaps that's because this season, Karl Lagerfeld and accessories designer Silvia Venturini Fendi traced their roots back to 1925, the birth of the fashion house. The duo worked together to deliver a fresh, clean start.Suits and blazers are feminized by fur cuffs red bottoms shoes or the swishing of a silk maxi skirt underneath. The bags are ornate, offered in velvet, striped python, and leather. While the coats don't carry the iconic "F"s, you'd recognize them anywhere — they're made of camel-colored fur and stitched with oversize pockets. Meanwhile, cropped sweaters carry a geometric pattern inspired by Viennese woodblock printing, keeping things youthful, which is always expected at Fendi.

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toong90 writes:
cute icon , i like this !

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already like the fb page. i love this site a lot :*

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I like it!!

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Good & Thanks For sharing.

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sparklesinthesky writes:
serhat, r u guise still working on

Posted on: Feb 13th 2011, 3:52:27pm

gamercameo writes:
It's so cutie icon.

Posted on: Jan 6th 2011, 10:43:18pm

serhat (admin) writes:
More info on the logos and people who made them can be found here

Posted on: Dec 19th 2010, 5:58:43am

sparklesinthesky writes:
@nonbeliever.: ok. i was just suggesting tho.

Posted on: Dec 19th 2010, 12:23:45am
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