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Animated GIFs now working on Facebook -- easier codes!
Friends, it's now a lot easier to share GG codes to Facebook, including animated ones. Enjoy! :-)
Written by Serhat on 2015-05-30(9 comments)
Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is having a good time. I'd like to wish every single one of you a great 2015!
Written by Serhat on 2015-01-09(19 comments)
New category: Facebook Covers
Hey everyone, we just added a totally fresh category: Facebook Covers. It still needs to be filled with all the wonderful uploads that the GG artist community will provide! Let's get to it :-) (technical note: dimensions are 851 by 315 pixels, not more, not less)
Written by Serhat on 2013-09-22(54 comments)
Have a great 4th of July anyone!
Everyone have a good & safe 4th of July!

Here are some graphics to spice up your messages!! :-)
Written by Serhat on 2013-07-04(46 comments)
No more egg images / links please!
Hey guys, please do not post egg/dragon/etc links or images on this site anymore. We have nothing against this hobby, but it's really dominating the website, while it's actually about graphics. Thanks for your cooperation guys!!
Written by Serhat on 2013-06-24(69 comments)
GG on Facebook
If you happen to be on Facebook, be sure to check out GG there, we have both a fan page (10.280 likes right now, let's make it 20k!!) and a GG group (131 members).

Be sure to subscribe because a lot of the day to day announcements are posted there, such as recent OA promotions:

For the group, go here:
Written by Serhat on 2013-05-24(26 comments)
Improving moderation system :: new MODs needed (!)
EDIT: thanks for the applications, the MOD queue problem is solved for now! All remains saved for future reference when we work on a more permanent solution!

First, I'd like to thank the mods who've been with GG for a number of years! Unfortunately, the system as it is, isn't working well for most people anymore, so we're changing a few things around so you can get faster acceptance rates.

I'd like a huge number of MODs (about 20) who have at least an hour per week to spend on going through the MOD queue. If we have some people from around the world, it should be easy to drastically cut down on queue times!

If you're interested, then please sent this to

1. Who you are (GG username + FB page (if you have one) ) -- you can connect with me at
2. When you joined the site + how active you are as an artist
3. A bit about yourself and why you're interested

It's important that you have a good idea of what people expect to be in which categories because that often goes wrong.

Let's fix this and make the site awesome again!!
Written by Serhat on 2013-05-07(47 comments)
How's everyone doing?
Hi everyone! How're you doing today?? :-)
Written by Serhat on 2013-02-21(42 comments)
Upgrading backend, please let me know of any issues.
I've migrated the site to another server cluster. Things should generally be a bit quicker to load now. Please let me know if you're (still) running into any issues!

Here's one known issue: if you have an image like this: (with an IP address in it), then you need to change it because the points to an old server. Just replace the IP like this to make it work:
Written by Serhat on 2012-05-18(134 comments)
Facebook like button
Minor change: I added a like button to each graphic. Let me know what you think!
Written by Serhat on 2011-10-29(95 comments)
Hello, small update from me: a lot has been going on that had to be sorted, so that's why we haven't had many recent updates. I hope that things will go better from here on and we can give GG some of love it deserves!

So... how've you guys been doing??
Written by Serhat on 2011-09-04(87 comments)
Please add us on facebook
If you're on facebook, please go to this page and click the like button :-) We'll use it for official announcements. You might also like to join one of the GG groups and fan pages. More to follow...
Written by Serhat on 2010-12-05(926 comments)
What would you spend your money on if you won the lottery?
Traveling the world
Charity / Organization
Cool new house
An amusement park
Loads of books
Your school and make yourself Head Teacher
Cars for yourself and all your friends
PR campaign to make yourself a celebrity
Making a movie (with yourself as the star)
Something boring but responsible and smart
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